It can be some kind of a challenge to find the right ring size to fit exactly the look and the ring you want.

Use our size guide below and find the perfect size for you. If you prefer to visit our studio and get your finger measured you are more than welcome. For an appointment, please contact

Remember that your finger size varies on your right and left hand and that your ring finger is slimmer than your index finger.

If you want to make sure to find your right ring size, go visit your local gold smith and ask them to measure your finger. Otherwise use this guide.


How to find your ring size:

- If you already have a ring that fits you well, you can measure the size by using a ruler measuring the ring from one edge to the other. That is how you find the inner diameter in millimetre.

- If you don’t have a ring, you can use a piece of thread, gift ribbon or small piece of paper and wrap it around your finger on the lowest part. Remember to consider how tight you want the ring to fit. Then measure the inner diameter in millimetre. 

- Calculate the size using this formula:

Inner diameter x 3,14 = your ring size

Your inner diameter is 17,1 mm

17,1 x 3,14 = 53,7

Your ring size is then 54.

Your inner diameter is 17,1 mm17,1 x 3,14 = 53,7Your ring size is then 54.