Katrine Nexø is interested in untraditional shapes that allures and fascinates. A search for balance where beauty and harmony are challenged by a dynamic mode of expression.

A piece of jewellery from Katrine Nexø Jewellery has an organic and personal touch because the Danish jewellery designer designed all of her work by hand in her studio in Frederiksberg.

Katrine is working with a simple yet classy design where her curious approach to the traditional jeweler craft, combined with her ability to create narrative universes, bring the jewellery a changeable and playful expression.
Katrine wants to challenge the understanding of the female body and thereby immerse herself in the process by experimenting and working with a poetic and visual universe where drafts, feelings, paper, wax and collage add new depths to the jewellery.

All pieces are handcrafted and created in recycled, high-gloss polished sterling silver and plated in 24 carats of gold.

”In my artistic process I try to highlight the qualities of silver, as the clean high-gloss polished surface adds an elegant and sophisticated look to the jewellery.”



Since 2013 Katrine Nexø has handcrafted every piece of jewellery on her own in recycled sterling silver.

It has been an important journey and DNA for the company, but Katrine Nexø Jewellery is growing, which is why we carefully have been searching for the right match to help us with the production.

Today Katrine Nexø Jewellery is handcrafted by talented jewelers in Chiang Mai, Thailand – where quality, sustainability and human respect go hand in hand.

The jewellery is handcrafted in a Danish-owned production in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A factory managed by an experienced Danish factory manager, who has several years of experience in Danish design and production as well as a great knowledge of Thai culture. Today he lives in Thailand. The production team consists of 12 talented jewellers working in a two-storey building.

The production is obliged to work on the basis of the ten principles of the UN Global Compact which are internationally agreed principles for responsible business covering areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Apart from working with the 17 global goals of UN – they work for sustainable development, sponsoring and supporting different organizations locally and nationally. Naturally they operate in accordance with national law.

We are proud to work with qualified people, where everyone is being treated with equally respect and great awareness on health and security-matters for their employees as well as respect for the environment.

We work on the basis of UN’s 10 global principles of responsibility – CSR (Corporate social responsibility) all legal requirements, UN law of conflict diamonds and OECD law of conflict gold as well as UN’s 17 global goals of sustainable development.”