KATRINE NEXØ JEWELLERY is handcrafted in sterling silver 925 and plated in 24 carats of gold.
We believe in circular movements and aim to take care of our planet and future generations, which is why we only use recycled sterling silver.

The mining industry is highly polluting and causing huge destruction of nature with great consequences for humans and wildlife – therefore it is extremely important that we use the gold and silver that has already been extracted.

All precious metals are nickel-free according to Danish law and all of our jewelleries are stamped with both durability and name stamp (925 + NXØ)

KATRINE NEXØ JEWELLEY is controlled by the precious metal control and registered with the name stamp “NXØ”.
The precious metal control overseas, on behalf of the state, that the quality of the metals in the jewellery lives up to Danish legislation.

All packaging is produced in Denmark and FSC and ECO certified. 

“I believe in circular movements, where production, consumption and recycling of materials are all part of a wholesome cycle, which has a positive effect on humans, animals and environment.

I believe in a more conscious consumption, where we buy less, better and long lasting.”

- Katrine Nexø