Katrine Nexø Jewellery represents Danish craftsmanship and timeless design.
Katrine Nexø creates organic and dynamic sculptures that unites
the minimalist, elegant look, with surprising, woven forms and
challenging contrasts.




”My designs are created in a kind of meditative play with the shapes. Sometimes I even forget about time and space and just let the creativity flow. It’s like the hands and material work on their own and suddenly a sculpture emerges all natural and in balance.”

" Katrine Nexø makes beautiful, timeless jewellery, and provides personal and expert guidance. What more can one wish. "
-Sarah Holm Winther

" To buy a pendant of Katrine Nexø, while you're told the story and your thoughts, a great experience is a wonderful experience. The jewellery is elegant, well-thought, and versatile with a crude, which undone the mature woman in every way and every time. I can't give Katrine Nexø and her jewellery a better recommendation from here!
- Sarah Zonarelli Lion