Fotograf Anne Marie Jo    I    Model Maty Sall    I    MUA Kasper Astrup




The third Collection by Katrine Nexø Jewellery, ERUPTION is inspired by the element fire.

Katrine Nexø explores and plays with the characteristic duality of the classic element such as darkness and light, stagnation and ferocity, downfall and rebirth.
The collection offers moving, passionate forms and sculptural transformations, communicating themes as breakaway, cleansing and renewal.

ERUPTION reflects the simple and classy design of Katrine Nexø and the curious approach to the handcraft. This – combined with her ability to create a storytelling universe – add a different and playful expression on her work.

The collection is a personal journey in which every piece reflects the understated ferocity of fire and possibility of transformation and renewal – a transformation that occurs in the encounter with the female body.


Photographer  Anne Marie Jo    I    Model Yrja Dögg




The Shells Collection is inspired by the element water. 

The collection is inspired by the maritime universe. - What moves above and below the surface.
The design is created from an organic and playful universe, where the round and soft values are in focus.
The female body is always a strong source of inspiration for Katrine Nexø collections.

The Shells collection is handcrafted in high polished sterling silver and gold plated in 24 carat.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Photographer Anne Marie Jo    I    MUA Kasper Astrup    I    Model Caroline Sachmann    I    Agency Le Management




Katrine Nexø Jewellery´s debut collection.

The futuristic designs are simple and created in an experimental process, where there is a natural balance between design and human moving forms.
The designs reveal a wide range of inspiration - from depictions of ancient Egyptianwomens accessories to the cold curves and sharp edges of futuristic humanoids.

The ELEMENTS collection is handcrafted in 925 sterling silver in two different surfaces. 
High polished sterling silver and gold plated in 24 carat. 



Aarhus, Denmark
Photographer Andreas Bang    I    MUA Line Foged Nielsen    I    Model Lea Kargaard